Intensive Behavioural Intervention Therapy

Making Small Talk provides services in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) using Intensive Behavioural Intervention (IBI). We provide a full assessment of your child's current skills by using the ABLLS (Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills) or the VB-MAPP (Verbal Behaviour Milestones Assessment and Placement Program). Based on the results of the assessment we will then produce a specific detailed IBI program implementation plan for your child, which will concentrate on their individual skills, development needs, followed by a detailed implementation to bring your child to their full potential.


Making Small Talk also offers Verbal Behaviour Therapy (VB). Verbal Behaviour adapts to the child's changing needs. We work with a child's strengths to develop areas of weakness. We identify the things that interest and motivate the child (reinforces) and use these to help them develop new skills. We break down learning, to enable the child to be successful with learning and where the child is rewarded for every success. We work with the child, to expand their range of skills including imaginative play, strategies to interact and make friends with others, and how to behave in the wider community.

Making Small Talk offers IBI in the centre, your home and other locations including Daycare centres. Our staff travel fully equipped to work with your child. We are an approved Direct Funding Option (DFO) for both Kinark and TPAS. All programs are reviewed and updated with our Senior Therapist.  


Structure and add-ons

Our Senior Therapists are available for behavioural consultancy for both in home and in the child's school.

Our IBI program includes Direct Instruction, Natural Environment Teaching, group instructions and play based therapy. We do not believe that the only place a child can learn is at a table. We use a variety of different teaching methods which could include Pivitol Response Teaching (PRT), Verbal Behaviour and the Denver Model. Our facility allows the child to have different environments to work including a sensory room. Our IBI program comes with the option to add a sensory program if the child requires them.


for more information:

ABLLS refer to Behavior Analysts
Learn more about VB-MAPP



We currently offer Ibi services:

Monday to Friday 
8:30am to 5:30pm,
in centre & in- home
Saturday 9:30am to 2:00pm, in centre only