Making Small Talk Partnerships


“Family Education Resource Network is very pleased to be partnering with Making Small Talk. Linda Hurren has been an exceptional community support to families and children for many years in York Region, offering much needed services.”
- Dr. Laura Cesaroni

Dr. Gerard Klein

Clinical Psychologist PhD Psych

Dr. Gerard Klein is Making Small Talk’s supervising Clinical Psychologist. Dr. Klein has over 30 years of extensive experience working with children with behavioural, social and developmental disabilities, including many children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Asperger’s Syndrome. Dr. Klein’s close involvement with our team is integral to the success of our programming. Dr. Klein is at MST on a regular bases overseeing programming and meeting with parents to better understand their children and advise on various techniques and approaches that work best. He observes children to determine their learning style. Interprets various assessment results to determine the next steps to be taken within a child’s IBI program.

Dr. Laura Cesaroni 

Ph.D., Clinician, OACCPP

Dr. Laura Cesaroni, Ph.D, has a clinical practice and works with families and children to support optimal development -Parent/Family Training: Laura coaches families through the many challenges of parenting, including the use of effective discipline, how to be consistent, how to promote respect within the family, and the importance of prioritizing "family time".  Parents have been supported with everything from everyday challenges to more difficult behavioural and emotional challenges.  -Applied Behavioural Analysis, Developmental and Functional Assessments: Laura supervises teams in Intensive Behavioural Intervention and ABA for children and adolescents on the autism spectrum. Parent Training is a key component in these clinical consultations. In addition to her practice, Laura is involved in a not-for-profit initiative, FERN, which provides support and education to families and children.